This was my last shoot today in Seymour. The previous owner, who is moving to West Knoxville, met me at the property. The shoot was easy enough however, the master bedroom and bathroom had a reflective paint that made it slightly difficult to photograph with the flash – no worries though! There are plenty of ways around that.

Not going to lie, I’m currently on my 7th drone now because I keep crashing them. The amazing thing is 6 of those drones were when I lived in the desert… where there are no trees..

With that said, I was a little nervous photographing this property surrounded by trees.

Part of me would love to live out in the middle of no where in the woods of Seymour TN… Another part of me thinks that I’d be freaked out a lot… Perhaps I think it would be best to have a “summer home” like this. A place where I don’t have to live in seclusion year round…

Choosing what kind of photos to use for new construction can be a challenge. Artist mockups just doesn’t really do justice, especially for home buyers and interior photos of a house being built often times doesn’t deliver the best “image” to perspective buyers.

Aerial photos of the job site can not only excite home buyers but also help avoid those not-so-great “under construction photos.”