Still trying my hardest to get familiar and learn the area I found myself driving down South on Highway 129. I actually kept driving until I reached “The Tail of the Dragon” – which I later found out is a very popular motorcycle ride. Eventually I was surprised to find that I made it all the way to North Carolina! I stopped to take several photos but my favorite spot was on Lake Chilhowee. In fact, I think I may end up doing a night shoot at this location in the near future.

Well after living here in Tennessee for over 20 days we finally made it to the Great Smoky Mountains! Though I prefer the part of the Smoky’s that is closer to the town of Townsend, or as the locals call it, “townsinn” (they don’t pronounce the “d”). Kind of like here in Marryville – It’s not Marryville it’s “Merville” (no Marry).

We found a great little hiking trail that was easy for the kids and ran along side a little river. It smells so good out here and I still can’t believe how green and beautiful everything is.