Brad Capone

Brad Capone is involved in an array of projects including real estate, software development, photography, graphic design, marketing and more.

AdminEstate, LLC

Brad Capone is the co-owner and co-founder of AdminEstate, LLC

AdminEstate is an online platform tailored for the real estate industry and more specifically, Realtors and Sales Professionals. The platform includes features such as a CRM, Website, Email Marketing and more. It’s a subscription based platform and is currently available in over 258 MLS areas including some parts of Canada.

You can find more information about AdminEstate by visiting the main website.

Capone Photography

Brad's the owner and founder of Capone Photography

Brad first started his photography career doing portraiture work but quickly expanded into a variety of photography work. He's most well known portfolio is mainly architecture in which he has successfully created a very specific and unique technique.

Due to other projects Brad is currently involved with he does not personally photography very much these days however, Capone Photography is still open for business and doing very well. You can book an appointment by visiting Capone Photography’s website here.

Metbug Inc.

Metbug Inc imcompasses many of Brad’s companies including his photography company, marketing companies, rental properties...etc

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